Click on the images for details and available colors.
All yarns come on cones unless otherwise noted.

Acryllic Chenille 1000

Acrylic Chenille Birchwood
300 YPP

Acrylic Chenille 
Black/Grey 1750 YPP

Acrylic Chenille 500 YPP

Cotton Chenille Cream
300 YPP

Cotton Chenille with 
Silver Lurex 1800 YPP

Chenille Polypropolene
Black 400 YPP

Cotton Chenille 1450 YPP
Choose Color

Rayon Chenille Natural 
1450 YPP

Rayon Chenille 
750-800 YPP 
Choose Color

Rayon Chenille Choose 
Color 1300 YPP

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